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ar ' na / sa
(verb): breathe

Jane and Megs have combined their love of looking and feeling stylish, fit and healthy to passionately develop this brand of luxurious, ladies and men’s Movementwear, from concept and design to patterns and production. With an eye for detail and an unwavering commitment to quality, and continued evolution, we weave stories and create moving works of art.
We are passionate about creating a yin/yang range of Movementwear, unfurling unique prints, details and vivid color palettes, made from delicious, soft feel, rich fabrics, celebrating all shapes, ages and sizes, proudly representing South African fashion to a global audience.
Everything we do is done with intention, heart, gratitude, love, care, purpose, focus and faith, we offer exceptional service, empowering our tribe to feel supported, valued, inspired, healthy, happy and free to Breathe…Move…Soar in ARNASA
ARNASA CARES - The drawstring bag you’ll receive your ARNASA garment in has been lovingly made by KZN based community project, Growing skills. We hope you’ll repurpose them for any imaginative use, they're ideal for storing delicate items or shoes, particularly when traveling.  


Our logo is inspired by the elements of the alchemic symbol for air and the ancient symbol of a dragonfly. 

Air is the essence of life and the universal mysticism of the dragonfly represents taking flight, into the power of light : transformation : adaptability : wisdom : power: poise : joy and lightness of being. 
These are the values that we aspire to. 

Something in the air made us breathe and take flight...